The Ark, Child Okeford

child okefordThe Ark started in 1967 as Child Okeford Playgroup, and was run by a committee of parents at Child Okeford Village Hall for 3+ year olds. In May 1994, it became registered as a charity and later that same year moved into St. Nicholas Primary School.

Over the years the group expanded its hours and changed its name to Child Okeford Pre-school, but it was not until 2006 that a major change took place. After five years of fundraising, an extension was built to the school to accommodate a full day nursery, and in January 2007 the Preschool became The Ark, taking children from 0 - 11 years of age and incorporating Breakfast, After-school and Holiday Clubs.

In 2008 The Ark became a company registered by guarantee with the official title of The Ark Child Okeford. However, it remains a registered charity, run by parents, and any excess of income over expenditure is ploughed back into the group.

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