John Martin of Evershot

  In March 1838 the Rector of Child Okeford, the Reverend Charles Edward North placed a notice in the Dorset County Chronicle. He was calling a meeting to be held in the Baker Arms, then owned by a woman called Susannah Newman to discuss the process whereby the tithes1 of…

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The 1840 Tithe Map

The tithe was the compulsory payment by landowners, of “a tenth part of the annual increase of the produce of the land”, together with the tenth of livestock nourished by any of that produce, to the church [in whichever form prevailed at the time]. Its origins were in the books…

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What’s in a Name.

The Village Name The first recorded name of the village is in the Domesday book [1086] when it was known simply as Ackford. [The “Exeter” version of Domesday calls us Ackforda”. The origin appears to be “oak-tree” ford from the old English ac [oak] and [ford]. The ford is long…

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The History of the Website

  Even websites have a history and amazingly there is a website which takes snapshots of other websites. All the pictures that follow have been taken from the Internet Archive’s site. If you visit the “wayback machine” at the internet archive you can find many more pages than we have…

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The History of Hey Day

Child Okeford’s “Hey Day” is the annual village fete. Where does “Hey Day” originate? Is it one word or two? Sadly we have no idea. No one is able to tell us nor can we find any clue from village records. The first record we can find was in the…

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  • Header Pictures

    Many people admire our header pictures but as they have to be cropped to fit they cannot be fully appreciated. They can be seen in their original form  here.