Child Okeford Flower Arranging Club

Child Okeford Flower Arranging Club


The Child Okeford flower arranging club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Child Okeford Village Hall at 2.15 pm.

Our programme includes workshops, demonstrations, practicals and days out throughout the year.

Our next meeting is on  September 18th.

In this meeting we will be holding another Club Workshop with two titles so members can choose whether to work with ‘ An Unusual Vase’ or learn about ‘Hogarth’s Line of Beauty’.

Worksheets will be available for everyone who is interested in flowers and wants to come along, we are really a friendly group!

Everybody is welcome who shares in the love of flowers, of all abilities, knowledge and experience to learn more for themselves and from each other.

You are welcome as a visitor (£6 per session) or a member (£22 per year).

For further details contact;

Sue Brown on 01258 863775

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