Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Our aim is to have informative, inspirational and friendly meetings. The meetings are usually held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated and are on the 1st Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm.

Members are asked to bring anything from their garden to these meetings which they might to like share, ie: Flowers, Vegetables, Flowering Shrubs, OR problems which they may have encountered.

Our activities include Lectures and social evenings, in summer and at Christmas, which are a very popular and well supported. The highlight of the new year is undoubtedly the Gardening Club dinner in January where excellent food and convivial company together with great entertainment make for a splendid evening out.

Each Spring we have an informal show where members are asked to judge the exhibits and every August there is the  Annual Village show which is open to all.

All evenings include refreshments for a small charge.

The annual subscription is £8.00. Visitors are always welcome paying £3.00 each evening.

Contact Ann Pearce on 01258 861125  for more information.


October Report

‘A very informative talk’, ‘an interesting meeting’ and ‘what good advice’ have been some of the comments heard following John Studley’s illustrated talk for October upon vegetable growing.

Starting with analysing soil samples submitted by members John focused upon the care of soil. ‘The soil you have in your garden is the soil that you keep’, he warned – ‘you do not get any more!’ However your success, or otherwise, in growing crops depends upon your relationship with your soil. If you do not feed it and care for it, the soil will not perform for you.

With this introduction ringing in our ears, John continued by describing the variety of life to be found in soil, not just worms, which contribute to the health of soil. Fertilisers were examined with the importance of adding minerals, such as volcanic rock dust, stressed, as plants are unable to manufacture minerals. The constituents of fertilisers were identified, potassium and phosphorus being just two, together with how much of each was required to promote healthy growth for which type of plant. Pig manure was identified as the best manure  to obtain as pigs tend to be fed on grain – the better the feed the better the manure. John also introduced the latest fertiliser trend, that of the anaerobic digester which produces good bulky sterile organic fertiliser.

John is also a firm believer in caring for your soil by not introducing disease from outside sources, such as donated plants, growing all his produce from seed sown by himself. Pests, like slugs, were effectively dealt with using biological controls watered onto the soil.

There was a great deal to think about delivered by a gardener with a passion for growing based upon a blend of scientific understanding and practical hands-on experience. His success was demonstrated by the huge range of vegetables grown, together with the obvious health of all his produce.


Future Meetings

Friday 1st December in the Village Hall at 6:30pm

The Christmas Social Evening

An evening of fun, activities and entertainment with contributions for the finger buffet greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings; everyone is are welcome.

Keith Leighton (Vice Chair)  01258 861462




Plans for our annual dinner are advanced and we would like to give you the opportunity to book sooner rather than later. We feel this popular event could again be oversubscribed.

The entertainment this year will be provided by the first class Magician, Paul Hyland who will enthral you all with his skills.

If you would like more information on him, please visit his website. The link is below.


If you click on the attachment below, you will see a copy of the Dinner Menu, which you can then print .


Due to the popularity of this event, we would like to inform the members that it is just about ‘sold out’.  We have 43 paid bookings to date, and 28 promised.  If you are still interested there may be a cancellation or two, so please contact Alan Blackman 860228  or by  email

or Vanessa Dawson 860750 or email





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