Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Our aim is to have informative, inspirational and friendly meetings. The meetings are usually held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated and are on the 1st Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm.

Members are asked to bring anything from their garden to these meetings which they might to like share, ie: Flowers, Vegetables, Flowering Shrubs, OR problems which they may have encountered.

Our activities include Lectures and social evenings, in summer and at Christmas, which are a very popular and well supported. The highlight of the new year is undoubtedly the Gardening Club dinner in January where excellent food and convivial company together with great entertainment make for a splendid evening out.

Each Spring we have an informal show where members are asked to judge the exhibits and every August there is the  Annual Village show which is open to all.

All evenings include refreshments for a small charge.

The annual subscription is £8.00. Visitors are always welcome paying £3.00 each evening.

Contact Ann Pearce on 01258 861125  for more information.


The March Report

The evening started with the AGM before our Gold Club speaker, Steve told us about ‘Slightly Naughty Plants’.

Our Chair, Ann Pearce, reported upon a busy and interesting year featuring such events as the Summer Social, a wide and varied programme of speakers and subjects and, of course, the Summer Show and Annual Dinner. The coming year promises to be just as involving. A Club email address is to be set up to enable improved communication. Before standing down, Bob Ward presented the Treasurer’s Report which was accepted. Bob will be succeeded by Alan Blackman who was elected to the post. Vanessa Dawson remains as Club Secretary, whilst Christine Downer and Tricia Samuel received gifts for their years of service as they retired. The remaining Committee members were re-elected and are joined by Richard Cox.

Steve’s talk on ‘Slightly Naughty Plants’ contained warnings for those of a ‘nervous disposition’ – mostly tongue-in-cheek, but with one to be taken seriously. The plants featured were all summed up as being either liars, cheats, thieves, poisoners or killers. Examples of each showed how their various techniques allowed each to survive. The humble Castor Oil plant was noted as the world’s deadliest plant – one tiny seed will kill a human quickly and is the base for the deadly poison Ricin, which, topically, was used to assassinate the dissident writer Georgi Markov in London some years ago. Should you visit Northumberland do go to Alnwick Gardens’ Poison Garden – entrance only through a locked gate with a guide and trailing fingers absolutely forbidden.There you will receive a scarily informative tour of the poisonous plants grown unwittingly in domestic gardens.

The talk was delivered with wit and humour and certainly made members think about plants in an entirely different way – all is not just colour and serenity!!

Next Meeting

Wednesday 4th April at 7:30pm in the Village Hall

The Spring Show, Gardeners’ Question Time, new membership cards and tea.

The Spring Show

There will be 5 classes to enter

Class A  3 Narcissi of the same variety.

Class B  5 Mixed Narcissi of different varieties.

Class C  5 stems of spring flowers (not Narcissi, but including Tulips) or 5 sprays of flowering shrubs.

Class D  A ‘Decorative Object Reflecting Spring’

definition as interpreted by the entrant; let your imagination create

  1. craft work, painting, pottery, computer design, sculpture etc.

Class E  A home grown Pot Plant (not Narcissi) eg. Tulips, orchids etc, size as for a window sill.

Entrants must be club members and entries should be submitted by 7:40pm on the night with only one entry per person per class. Judging to be done by those attending and completed by 8:00pm.

As part of the evening the Club is again offering a ‘Gardener’s Question Time’, the panel for which will be  drawn from the expertise of the Club.

As publicised by our Chair, Ann Pearce, in February we asked that questions be submitted in writing or email to Roger Hull ( by Saturday 31st March. If you receive ‘The Hill’ after this date please do still give us your question and we will do our best to answer these on the night. We look forward to trying to solve your gardening problems.

Keith Leighton (Vice Chair) 01258 861462

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