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 It’s arrived- the 50th Anniversary edition of The Hill

The production team [from left to right] , David Pope, Alan Blackman, Richard Muffett and Kate Partridge launched the 50th Anniversary edition of The Hill at the Christmas Fair on 25th November.

This edition of The Hill is not being delivered as normal editions are, but is on sale in the Cross Stores price  £2.


For more photos of the Christmas Fair see our Village Galleries Page




Rubbish !! Last chance to have your say on future minerals and waste sites.

Not perhaps the most interesting of topics but important nevertheless. Unless you have a particular interest in the subject you may not be up to date with the latest plans for a new waste disposal site in Blandford. The following newsletter was issued by Dorset County Council which gives a draft outline summary.  Planning_for_minerals_and_waste_newsletter_Feb2017

The final draft Mineral Sites Plan and Waste Plan will be open for public consultation in December. The revised documents give detailed information about future quarries and waste management facilities throughout the county.  The Waste Plan includes a new site for a replacement Waste Management Centre to serve Blandford and surrounding villages. Further north, the Plan includes a new household recycling centre in Gillingham to replace the Shaftesbury facility.

Cllr Daryl Turner, Cabinet member for natural and built environment, said “We are pleased that so many residents took part in a series of consultations over the last few years. Many of their concerns have been incorporated into the plans, and we want to encourage people to review the documents and give us their views during the final consultation in December. The Plans should ensure that we protect Dorset’s environment whilst building a sustainable economy for the future.”

For more information, go to  or call 01305 228585

Road Safety in the Village.

On the 10th October the Parish Council held a meeting to discuss the options to slow traffic down within the village. Many parishioners shared their concerns over speeding through the village and it was a shock to learn that following the recent traffic survey the average speed of traffic past the school was 36.7 mph coming into the village mph [near the school] and 43.8 mph coming into Gold Hill by the Beehive.

Given that the speed limit in both places is 30mph and considering the number of pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, children, tractors and others using our roads not to mention the number of houses with concealed entrances this shows  remarkable optimism or fool hardiness amongst drivers. Of course the Police do nothing- for which they can hardly be blamed. A further surprise was that we learned that they have not received any complaints about driving in the village. What was not so surprising was the fact that nobody knew they could complain!

If any member of the public sees examples of bad driving in the village they can contact the police by emailing If sufficient reports are received  the police can, and we were assured, will, take action.

The latest figure from Speedwatch can be found here.

South Western Railway

The Logo has changed , the trains have new colours but are we going to have the same old service? South Western railway have a consultation running on their new timetables

Have your say on the above site ;Table 160 is the line from Gillingham.

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