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Jenny Hummel – Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Practitioner.

I am an extremely experienced Sports, Remedial & Muscle Rehabilitation Therapist [my qualifications are MTI, CNHC, IFM] who has been practising for over 26 years and 17 of those years I have been the therapist to Mr William Fox-Pitt who has been the British Equestrian & World No.1 Three day Eventing Champion. In my practice I treat anything from sciatica, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis/golfers elbow, neck/shoulder pain, upper/lower back pain, headaches/jaw pain (TMJ) through to rehabilitation of new knee/hip ops.

But you don’t have to be an Olympian to have a treatment my eldest client is 94!

“As an International Three-Day Event rider (Horse Riding) my body is regularly pushed to the limits. The physical demands of such a sport cause inevitable strains, aches and pains.  I am treated by Jenny Hummel on a regular basis and over the last 17 years her knowledge and experience in a vast range of techniques, has not only kept me on the road (once even flying out to France as my back was so painful, which enabled me to compete in a major competition, which I went on to win!) so she has really helped me maximise my performance. She has a fantastic clinic in Shillingstone where she gives treatments in a lovely relaxing and incredibly comfortable environment.   In my opinion, she definitely has a great, great gift and I would recommend her to anybody, either with an injury or just in need of general maintenance.”

William Fox-Pitt