Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Our aim is to have informative, inspirational and friendly meetings. The meetings are usually held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated and are on the 1st Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm.

Members are asked to bring anything from their garden to these meetings which they might to like share, ie: Flowers, Vegetables, Flowering Shrubs, OR problems which they may have encountered.

Our activities include Lectures and social evenings, in summer and at Christmas, which are a very popular and well supported. The highlight of the new year is undoubtedly the Gardening Club dinner in January where excellent food and convivial company together with great entertainment make for a splendid evening out.

Each Spring we have an informal show where members are asked to judge the exhibits and every August there is the  Annual Village show which is open to all.

All evenings include refreshments for a small charge.

The annual subscription is £8.00. Visitors are always welcome paying £3.00 each evening.

Contact Ann Pearce on 01258 861125 or email for more information.

September Report

The Autumn season of meetings began with David Usher speaking to a large audience upon the ‘Care and Management of  Trees and Shrubs.’

David started by asking the members to examine plants they were buying before moving on to planting, staking both bare root and rootball plants and caring for this new addition to your garden. He also pointed out that this new addition  may be there for 30 to 200 years so to consider the  size of the mature plant to available space and to be aware of what may lie beneath eg. pipes and cables. A large tree  will also bring obligations regarding safety for you, your neighbours and the general public.

He also looked at the tools available for the jobs you may have to do before moving on to the subject of pruning. David gave demonstrations of pruning upon a variety of plants brought in  and reminded members that some prunings can be used for cuttings and is thus a free source of plants. His advice upon cutting back lavender was particularly novel, but suggested old well grown lavendar plants do not necessarily have to be discarded.

David Usher gave an interesting and stimulating start to this season with his advice and guidance being well received.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 3rd October in the Village Hall at 7:30pm

An in-house Workshop with demonstrations of techniques and approaches by Club members.                                                 Sale of plants.

These meetings mark the start of our autumn programme and we look forward to meeting you there. Remember all are welcome.

It is raining as I write this so hopefully conditions will improve so that all grows well in your garden.

Keith Leighton Vice – Chair ph 01258 861462

Updated 18/9/2018






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