Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Child Okeford Gardeners’ Club

Our aim is to have informative, inspirational and friendly meetings. The meetings are usually held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated and are on the 1st Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm.

Members are asked to bring anything from their garden to these meetings which they might to like share, ie: Flowers, Vegetables, Flowering Shrubs, OR problems which they may have encountered.

Our activities include Lectures and Social Evenings, in Summer and at Christmas, which are a very popular and well supported. The highlight of the new year is undoubtedly the Gardening Club Dinner in January where excellent food and convivial company together with great entertainment make for a splendid evening out. All villagers are welcome, even if they are NOT club members.

Each Spring we have an informal Spring Show, where members are asked to judge the exhibits and every August there is the  Annual Village Show which is open to all.

All evenings include refreshments for a small charge.

The annual subscription is £8.00. Visitors are always welcome paying £3.00 each evening. There is free entry for friends and guests on First Visit.

Contact Ann Pearce by email at for more information.

 Gardeners’ Club Programme

 2019 – 2020 

All meetings start at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated 

Wednesday 5th June – 6.00 pm

Summer Social Evening

At Ridgeway Farm, Farrington by kind invitation from Jenny Scorgie

Buffet contributions welcome

Saturday 22nd June – 12.00 – 4.30 pm


Support our Club stall by bringing plants for selling.

Wednesday 3rd July

In-House Workshops:

Presenting your Show exhibits

Saturday 10th August – 2.30 pm start


Registrations: Thursday 8th August, 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm at Laurel Farm, Station Road.

(Full information available in the schedule).

Wednesday 4th September

‘Plants that changed our world or tried to’ with Marion Dale.    Club Plant Sale

Wednesday 2nd October

‘Trees, Ancient & Wrinkly is Cool’ with Eddie Parker, from The Springhead Trust.   Club Plant Sale

Wednesday 6th November

‘My Gardening Experiences’ with Stephanie Hafferty.    Club Plant Sale

Wednesday 4th December

‘Kitchen Garden’ with Steven Candy, from the Kingston Lacey Estate.

                          May Report

Our visitor this month was Chris from Thorngrove Garden Centre in Gillingham who gave members a very practical evening on the making of hanging baskets,

The construction and planting of hanging baskets was covered from empty to complete basket featuring size of basket, liner, compost, types of plants, basket design, planting and watering and general care. Several members had hands-on experience of inserting the selected plants into the basket through the liner slits having first wrapped the plant foliage in removable plastic – success is definitely all in the wrapping!. The resulting basket was a kalaidascope of colour which with a weekly feed will last all the season.

An evening of interest from Chris which also shone the spotlight on a social enterprise nursery suggesting a worthwhile visit.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 5th June at 6:00pm

Summer Social Evening for members at Ridgeway Farm, Farrington by kind invitation of Jenny Scorgie. Buffet contributions welcome. If you have a portable chair you can bring along that would also be helpful.

Hey Day ( Saturday 22nd June 2019)

The Club will have a table again at this event and, as many of you are probably sowing seed, we would appreciate any donations of plants and seedlings. We thought a little advance notice might help you to sow a few extra thus making the Club table a ‘must visit’ area again. Many thanks.


The Annual Show in August 2019


We are again letting anyone interested in entering the Photographic Section know the titles of the Classes in that section as this may help in your taking of photographs.

Class 61  Village Life

62   Beside the Seaside

63   Whatever the Weather

64   The Natural World

65   Makes Me Laugh

66  Around The World

67  Video (Mp4 format, one minute clip, own choice of subject)

Quite a lot to digest, but I hope the preparations for the coming season progress as you would wish.                                               

updated 10/04/2019




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