The Art Group

The Art Group  

The Art Group meets every Tuesday at 10am- 12.00. in the Village Hall.

The group is taken by myself  Viv Leigh.

Our aim is to improve and inspire each other. We work in watercolour but also use drawing, and acrylics.

Our subject matter is varied and driven by what each person wishes to learn and improve on.

I demonstrate the techniques for skies, foliage, flowers, rocks and seascapes, and reflections in water, along with aerial perspective and negative painting.

I will also provide information on how to paint from photographs, by reducing the content and symplifing the subject, and adjusting the colour to a paintery view.

You can either bring your own work, or you can work from a still life or sketches you bring.  I will help each person to improve their individual style.

The fee is £5 per session, which includes a short break for tea or coffee.

There is no obligation to come every week. You just come when you want to.

Please contact me on 01258 860939  or email  if you require any further information

To view the Gallery press this link.  Once in the gallery, if you press on the picture it will enlarge, and show  the artists name. I have recently added and deleted some work, so it is more up to date  

I will not be doing art on Tuesday 23rd April, as that is Easter week. Will start again on April 30th.


updated 10/4/19

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