Parish Council

Child Okeford Parish Council

Chairman: Mr. Martin Rudd Tel: 01258 861367

Vice Chairman: Mrs. Mary Giles Tel: 01258 863589

Clerk: Mal Derricott Tel: 01258 722078
2 Aplands Close, Child Okeford, Blandford, DT11 8HR

Correspondence: ALL correspondence please send to the Clerk.

Meetings: Usually the 1st Monday of the month (not Bank Holidays) – please check the meeting dates list. Members of the public are welcome.

Minutes and Agenda: Minutes are posted on the main notice board at The Cross Stores and the web site with a short summary published each month in “The Hill”. The agenda is posted on all the village notice boards.

Notice Boards: Cross Stores, Millbrook Close and the Community Centre

Parish Councillors and Responsibilities

Martin RUDD

01258 861367

Utilities Liaison
Employment Group

01258 861055


01258 860482

Employment Group
Robert SMITH 01258 860440
Planning Group
Philip BLAKE 01258 861010
Planning Group
Health and Safety Group
James CHETWODE 01258 860957
DAPTC representative
Health and Safety Group
Mary GILES 01258 863589
Planning Group
Employment Group
Hey Day representative
Michael HEPBURN 01258 861505
Road Safety
Kirsty BAIRD 01258 860477
Community Centre representative

Non Councillor Appointed Roles

Alan Blundell Footpaths Officer
Wendy Addley Best Kept Village Officer

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