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HEY DAY – 23rd June 2018

Child Okeford Village Fete

Hey Day 2017 was a beautiful sunny and hot day. The crowds came and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At the end of the day the organisers  raised over £3700 which they have donated to the “Defibrillator Project”.  This project aims to refurbish the two redundant red phone boxes in the village and install public access defibrillators. If a persons heart stops, as a consequence of a heart attack for example, this can help it to get going again.  If you are interested in learning about CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] and defibrillator training or if you are able to help renovating the phone boxes please contact Richard Choat.

Richard Choat 01258 863695 email : richard@choat.co.uk

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