Header Pictures

Our header photos have to be cropped. Here you can see the original photos.
Our header for many years and still a good one, unfortunately we don’t know who took it so cannot credit it to them.

October- November  2017


   Hayfever by Marilyn Peddle
 November -December 2017
Autumn Colour by Kevin Pearce

Taken between showers, the window boxes at the Village Hall make a fine show. These are planted by Tricia Samuel and a group of helpers and are a great credit to her skill and imagination.


Poppies by Vivienne Leigh
 Christmas and New Year 2017/2018
   Taken by Alan Chambers, a visitor to the village, this shot of a Perseid meteor ,set against the glory of the Milky Way, seems appropriate at the beginning of Advent. It reminds us how privileged we are to live in an area with generally low levels of light pollution.
   Snow? What snow? St Nicholas Church by Marilyn Peddle.
   The Baker Arms from the Church by Viv Leigh
 January -February 2018
  The classic village shot of the Cross and Baker Arms by Tony Ward
Red bucket in the snow by Kevin Pearce
Summer 2018
  Surely spring must be just around the corner. It had better be a good summer. Buttercups by Marilyn Peddle.
Outside of the Shop by Jan Ward.
Autumn 2018
“What a lot of planes” by Marilyn Peddle
The New Bells arrive at the Church for hanging. [Actually this is an old one that has been retuned by removal of part of it. Hence the shiny rim.]

Kevin Pearce

Photos by Kevin Pearce, Design produced by David Pope.
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