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Articles from the Archive

The “Emigrant”.

Imagine for a moment that you have never seen a train, or the sea, or a ship. Sounds unlikely today but in 1849 it was normal not to have experienced any of these. Then imagine, those of you with children, read more

Child Okeford at the time of Domesday

“And so the English groaned aloud for their lost liberty and plotted ceaselessly to find some way of shaking off a yoke that was so intolerable and unaccustomed” 1

There are few points in history where we can get anything like an accurate assessment of the size read more

The King takes on Child Okeford

The King vs the Inhabitants of Child Okeford -William IV takes on Child Okeford.

“Welcome to the village, have you moved far to come here? Shillingstone? Not far then. Before you move in though could I see your Settlement certificate? You haven’t got one? Oh dear read more