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“Child Okeford Mummers, Performing Arts & Community Theatre” was formed 13 years ago as a vehicle to bring professional, and home grown music & theatre to the village.

Our Aims
To organise ‘Arts’ events (theatre, music, dance, tradition) in the village
To organise events that can be enjoyed by all age groups
To have fun and meet others
To develop skills and further our theatrical experience

Membership – How you can join, act, sing or help
To find out more please ring 01258 861391 and we will be delighted to meet you and welcome you to the group.
There is no membership fee.  We do not meet regularly through out the year, but we get together for rehearsals for our various projects or discussions about a new project.
We have people who work to build sets, make props, resource costumes, design sets, work the lighting, work front of house, promote our events, work backstage, direct plays, write plays and songs for the shows, and perform on stage.

COMPACT Activities

Mummers :

Early in 2005 the Child Okeford Mummers were formed using a script which was based on the Sixpenny Handley script (transcribed in 1860). It has toured pubs every Christmas, wassails, village and town events in the area performing and collecting for charity.

In 2009 the mummers introduced an annual St. George’s day event – a family event of fun and music and collecting for charity, so far, in excess of £700 for the RNLI and funds for Naomi House and Julia’s House.

Events and Performances :

To date we have produced concerts ranging from choirs to solo artists.  Themed evenings  where our audiences are invited to dress up according to the evening’s theme, enjoy a meal in an ambience and setting which is appropriate for the theme and be entertained with sketches, songs and dances such as: Gypsy Jazz Cafe; Speakeasy; Down at Heel Hall; Harvest Supper and 200th anniversary of Trafalgar;

We have also produced village pantomimes, each involving about 40 people in the making of the shows and serving audiences of over two hundred people of all ages

We have also produced Christmas shows in the church in concert form with performers ranging from St. Nicholas school pupils to 80 year olds.

We also host Summer outdoor theatre events performed by a highly sought after company called “The Rude Mechanicals” which take place on the recreation ground audiences bring along a picnic and are then entertained.

We run a folk club every 2nd Thursday of the month in The Baker Arms from 8pm onwards. All are welcomed either to listen or perform music or song in a friendly, inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Over the years COMPACT has raised more than £800 for charities and donated £1438 to village organisations. We have also been able to purchase lighting, tiered seating and staging which is available for use by other community organisations.