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Village Hall User Notes

Child Okeford Village Hall User Notes

A copy of the user notes can be downloaded here.   

Entry access to the hall is through the blue door under the porch using the key supplied serrated edge upwards and turned anti-clockwise to open.
The main wooden doors and the glass doors to the lobby are opened from the inside.It is a safety requirement that these doors are kept unlocked whenever the hall is in use.
At the end of your event please lock the glass doors by lifting the white handle and turning the knob and then close the double wooden doors. Leave by the entry door ensuring that the door is properly locked using the key. The silver knob will turn easily once the door is locked.

The strip light switch for the back of the main hall is just inside the entry door and the switch for the strip light at the front of the hall is to the left to the Lord Portman portrait.The rest of the switches for the overhead and wall lights for the main hall and the lights for the passage and car park are situated in the kitchen next to the cooker. The kitchen light switch is by the outside door in the kitchen.

Chairs are kept in the store room and folding tables are kept in the cupboard in the meeting room. Please make sure the tables and chairs are clean before you pack them away and that the chairs are mostly stacked in 8’s but with four stacks of accessible 6’s.

The heating is activated by a coin operated meter which is just inside the kitchen door. £1 buys one hour of heat.  To switch on the heating simply insert a £1 coin at the top right hand side of the meter and press the button on the left. The clock will show how many minutes are available. If there is heating credit left at the end of your event press Credit Save to save this for the next user. The meter will show Held Amount Remaining.To use Held minutes press the 0 button.
The building temperature is controlled by the thermostat valves on each radiator but best set at mark 3 for efficient heating. However, but please leave the one in the meeting room fully open.

Audio and projection
Microphones are available to use for all events if needed. A hand-held and a lapel mic are in a black case in the meeting room along with clear instructions.

The hall has an induction loop to enable guests with certain hearing aids to hear more clearly.

The microphones and the induction loop work through the sound system which is operated by two clearly marked switches in the meeting room. Firstly, switch on the power socket on the wall beside the window then turn on the switch on the opposite wall. The volume control is outside the Meeting Room. The sound system is accessed via the jack socket next to Lord Portman’s portrait.
There is a projection screen available. If you would like to use this please ask when you confirm your booking.

Kitchen Facilities

You are welcome to use all of the kitchen facilities including cups and saucers, mugs, glasses, plates and bowls in the cupboards and some cutlery in the drawers.There are three kettles and an urn (stored in the unlocked cupboard under the kettles) plus a microwave and a cooker.

If you use the fridge remember to empty and clean it before you leave.

Please remember to bring your own tea towels and washing up liquid plus sacks for your rubbish to take away. A dustpan and brush are kept under the kitchen sink. Other cleaning tools including a broom, V cleaner, Henry vacuum cleaner plus a mop and bucket are available in the locked cleaning cupboard at the far end of the corridor alongside the kitchen. The key is kept on a hook by the tea towel rack in the kitchen: please replace it after use.

Please note, if planning to use the dishwasher, that it is a commercial one which must be switched on at least an hour before use. It is vitally important to rinse food debris from the crockery and cutlery before loading onto the trays. Each load then takes about two minutes for a full wash. Full operating instructions are displayed beside the machine. Please leave the dishwasher door open when you leave.

First aid items are in a green box on the wall just inside the kitchen door and an Accident and Incident Book is hanging in the corridor.

Parking and outdoors

There is space for up to 25 cars in the well lit car park. The insurance company advises that parking is at the owner’s risk.Please aim to leave quietly so as not to disturb the local residents.
At the end of your event please make sure that the furniture is correctly put away and turn off all the light switches in the kitchen including the kitchen light. Please also check that all of the individual loo lights are turned off and the windows are shut and the double doors are locked.
As you leave, press the delay switch button by the door to light the car park and porch whilst you lock up and leave. These lights will switch off automatically.Finally, switch off the final strip light by the entry door.

This clearly lit machine is located on the outside wall of the hall. It is for emergency use only.

Rubbish bin

The public bin is at the edge of the car park but can take only small amounts of rubbish. Black sack loads etc need to be taken away properly.