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The website is heavily dependent on pictures to give it visual appeal. We are lucky in having a number of great local photographers who have given their pictures to the website .

Our first thanks must go therefore to Marilyn Peddle whose picture of the village from Hambledon Hill is the main header picture on the website. To Tony Ward who took the picture from the church looking to the Baker Arms which is the background for the weather app and to Jayne Harris for various pictures appearing as the header images on some pages.

Many of the pictures were taken in or around the village.Some such as those in the Village Archive section have been taken from a collection of photographs held by David Pope the Village Archivist. The picture concerned are all connected with the village and we hope to publish more at some future date.

For some entries we have had to use ‘stock’ photographs.These have been obtained from Unsplash which allows us to use these pictures free of charge. Individual photographers have been credited on the relevant pages.

Our thanks also to the Parish Council for paying for the village website and to Parrot Creative for setting up the new theme for us to work with.