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Old Photographs of Child Okeford

Over the years many people have contributed pictures to the village archive and without them this photographic record of the village would not exist. The archive itself does not hold any physical copies of the pictures; the originals were all scanned and returned to their original owners and we have their permission to reproduce them. Sadly some of the original owners are no longer with us but their legacy to the village are the pictures that they left us and we thank them for their contributions.
Over recent years commercial organisations have acquired some of the pictures but it must be emphasised that none shown here were obtained from them. All our pictures were scanned from originals in the hands of their owners.

The collection has been grouped into certain categories and each file has been assigned an archive number. As new pictures arrive they are added so the numbering sequence may appear rather out of order at times.

For each category a .pdf file has been created which will display in your browser window. It has limited functionality however, you will be able to download a copy of the file but it will not be editable or printable. More photographs will be added in due course.