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Keeping our village roads safe – can you help ?

After 5 years of service a number of volunteers are standing down at the end of October, which leaves just 6 volunteers to cover all our sites. As 3 are needed to carry out a Watch and we have to allow for volunteers sometimes not being available, without further help it will not be possible to continue Speed Watch in its present form.

Up to now we have been performing Watches, on a rotational basis, in each of the High St., The Hollow and Duck St. plus, occasionally, Station Rd. Unfortunately our Shaftesbury Rd. and Lower Common Rd. sites haven’t been covered for some time. Without more volunteers we will have to restrict ourselves to the 20 m.p.h. area of High St. and The Hollow as this is where the most people are forced to walk in the roads to reach the centre of the village and the Surgery.

Even if we do concentrate on the 20 m.p.h. area, we will struggle to cover a minimum of 2 Watches each month. If you are at all concerned about the speed of traffic through the village and don’t want the Community Speed Watch scheme to end, please consider joining our friendly teams. It only involves 1 – 2 hours a week, once a month on varying days according to volunteers’ availability and not during evenings, weekends or in bad weather. Simple training is given by our Police Community Support Officer for about an hour and then you are ready to go.

Please contact me on: 01258 861612 or [email protected]