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Leaper Land: Planning Application appeal dismissed

Appeal Decision -3279462

In June 2020 Leaper Land Promotions applied for planning permission to build 65 houses at a site at Gold Hill. This promotion was widely opposed throughout the village and by the Parish Council. In June 2021 Dorset Council refused outline planning permission and Leaper Land Promotions made an appeal  to the Secretary of State for the Environment against the councils refusal.

On the 16th November the appeal was heard and many villagers attended the appeal. Our especial thanks must go to those villagers who presented evidence at that appeal. On the 22nd December the planning officer’s decision was made and he dismissed the appeal.

The full document can be downloaded above. Much of it is technical but we should perhaps thank the planning officer whose, concluding paragraphs are worthy of note as they express what many of us feel.

“53. While the delivery of housing is clearly important and a key aim of the Framework, this guidance is in the context of the need for high quality built environments that are sympathetic to local character and it does not indicate that delivery should be at the expense of these fundamental outcomes of development.

54. The built environment will exist for many years and must continue to add to the overall quality of the area over the lifetime of the development. It has not been demonstrated that this proposal could establish or maintain the strong sense of place that exists, nor would it be easily accessible, which would hamper the ability of future residents to feel included in village life, another component of promoting health and well-being through development, described in the Framework.

55. Taking the policies of the Framework as a whole, I find that, collectively, these adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

57. I, therefore, conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.”