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Report Bad Driving in the Village

The Village roads seem to be getting busier and busier, a situation which will not be helped by the various road closures around the area that are scheduled. Diverted traffic looking for a quicker route will almost certainly increase in the coming months. If you witness any examples of dangerous driving, speeding, inappropriate or anti-social driving etc the police want to know about it. Without examples of problem driving they are unable to act and problem driving will continue.
They have provided an email address where members of the public can directly report problems:
[email protected]
If reporting an issue please give as much detail as possible, the location and time of day are essential, registration number, colour and make of vehicle would be ideal. Adding in facts such as driver on mobile whilst speeding may get quicker response. The police need evidence as to visit a location and if they have two or three from a location it better justifies a visit.