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The Bells, The Bells [Part two]

If you thought that you heard an occasional “dong” today coming from St Nicholas belfry, silent for the last two months, then you would not have been mistaken for the retuned old bells and one of the new bells have been returned to the tower. The remainder are due for delivery tomorrow.

The bells arrived in the back of a white van, belonging to Matthew Higby and Co.

As Archimedes is reputed to have said, “give me a long enough lever and I can move the world.”

Onto the trolley and up to the church with a little help from villager Roger Hull.

Safely home in the belfry. Note the shiny rim of the old bell where the metal has been reamed away in the process of retuning.

This is one of the new bells ; we were told that it was originally a part of a Synchronome Clock that formed a part of the old News of the World building when it was in Fleet street. It has been shot blasted to give it a bright new look. It weighs 7cwt 3 lb which is some 10cwt lighter than the bell it replaced.

One of the old bells [below] presumably the chalk writing was added when the bell was the other way up.

Ready for lift off.

For health and safety reasons we were advised we could not be present as the bells were being lifted, which we quite understood but once installed in the belfry we were able to see the first bell installed.
Two days later all there is one bell to go . Now is the time to fit the wheels, the clappers
and to check it all works.

Page updated 21/09/2018