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The Green Lanes of Child Okeford

“In December 1976, The Dorset Association of Local Councils launched an initiative styled “Dorset Countryside Treasures”. The archive has an original copy of the submission from our village and, as a change from our recent articles, we thought we would look at the village footpaths, specifically, the “Green Lanes” as detailed in the survey.

Green Lanes

A “Green Lane” is an old unpaved thoroughfare with hedges and banks on either side. In many cases use over the years has worn and eroded the surface to form a hollow way. There are in Dorset many miles of “Green Lanes”; some are classified as county roads, some have footpath or bridleway rights along them, and some have been ploughed up, or have had their banks and hedges removed.

Green Lanes are important features from the historical and archaeological point of view, and their banks and hedges also provide a favorable habitat for wildlife.”

The “Green Lanes” identified in and around Child Okeford are shown on the map.”

The Green lanes of Child Okeford from Dorset Countryside Treasures 1977.