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The New Inn

A final dip into “One Hundred Years in Childe Okeford 1883 – 1983”.
This is our final visit to this excellent book for now and a full copy of an original version is available to read on the village web site  One Hundred Years in Childe Okeford 1883-1983
A little higher up the road, laying some way back off the road, is the Saxon Inn which was previously called the New Inn. Originally there were three cottages here with a beer house in the middle. Some strange tales are told about these. A carpenter, named Moore, at one time lived in the first cottage and drowned himself in the river, reputedly because his cottage was wanted by the beer-house. In the third cottage a very old lady named Mrs. Newman, although she was very ill at the time, died after drinking Lysol (a disinfectant). The landlords at that time were a Mr. & Mrs. Stodard. A party for their 25th wedding anniversary had been arranged and a turkey and a cake cooked at Mr. Fudge’s bakery. At the last minute, however, Mr. Stodard had disappeared.
The turkey and cake were given to Blandford Hospital, and a week or so later the body of Mr. Stodard was found in the belfry of Blandford Parish Church – he had hung himself. The next landlord died playing skittles, and there is a story that the original man to be turned out of his cottage put a curse on the pub, causing all these violent deaths. However, a lady who knew all these people was quite sure none of the occupants of the cottages would have cursed anyone.
In the fifties a Mrs. M.E. Hart was in charge of the off-licence which later became the New Inn, and in September 1955 she arranged to have a Harvest Thanksgiving Service* held there, conducted by the Rector, Dr. R. Taylor. Afterwards the produce was sold by auction for the benefit of the National Institute for the Blind. This proving a successful venture, it was repeated for several years. The name of the Inn was changed to the Saxon in the mid-sixties when another company took it over.
Harvest thanks giving at the New Inn
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